EST. 1981
by Celaleddin Vardarsuyu
Located in Istanbul, Turkiye.

Our mission is to alter vintage weavings of Anatolia for modern interiors. The original pre-1960s weavings are treated as raw materials and as a base to produce different styles of ‘modern-vintage’ look.
The alteration techniques depends on the original vintage rug that we start with; sun exposure, rain exposure, torching, cutting & stitching, overdying, tie dying, re-piling, unraveling the yarn from old weavings and use the old yarn to weave contemporary rugs, computerized stitching, over-embroidery, and several other techniques by our team of craftsmen from different fields.
Our warehouse is ready to serve stores globally with its inventory and our workshop is at the designers service to craft bespoke rugs and find floor covering solutions.